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Leh- Ladhak

Leh- Ladhak

Pangong lake

The most popular tourist attraction in Ladakh, Pangong lake is an endorheic (landlocked) lake situated at 4350 meters. Also known as Pangong Tso it is 12 kilometres long and extends from India to Tibet. Almost 60% of Pangong Lake lies in the Tibetan Autonomous Region. A unique feature of the lake is that it does not remain blue throughout the year or even the day, rather it changes colours from azure to light blue to green and grey too! It is famous amongst tourists as Ladakh lake, the spot where the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots” was shot

Khardzong La

Khardung La, also known as Khardzong La, is one of the highest motorable roads in India at an elevation of 5602 metres. It serves as the gateway to Shyok and Nubra Valley. An inner line permit is required to visit. It remains closed from October to May.

Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley lies in the union territory of Jammu & Kashmir, at a distance of around 140 Km from Leh. With arid mountains in the backdrop, it is famous for the Bactrian camel rides, orchards and monasteries. Surrounded by snow-dusted Himalayan mountains, it can be reached via Khardung La.


Sangam is the confluence of Indus and Zanskar Rivers in Ladakh. The two rivers can be separately seen meeting at this point. While the Indus River appears as shiny blue, Zanskar River appears muddy green.

Shanti Stupa

The Shanti Stupa is a white-domed Buddhist monument. It is a religious place for Buddhists as it holds the relics of Buddha, consecrated by the 14th Dalai Lama. It looks exceptionally beautiful during the full moon night.

Magnetic Hill

The popular Magnetic Hill of Ladakh is a cyclops hill where vehicles seem to move upwards on the hill instead of rolling downwards. It is located 30km from Leh towards Kargil.

Hall of Fame Museum

Located at approximately 4 km from the main city, this glorified museum was built in memory of the brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting for India at the Indo-Pakistan war.

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksey Monastery is a Tibetan-style monastery located 20km south of Leh. The main highlight is the Maitreya Temple which houses a 15-metre highMaitreya Buddha statue. It is the largest such statue in Ladakh.

Zanskar Valley

Located in the Kargil district to the east of Ladakh (around 105 km) lies the bewitching Zanskar Valley. The semi-desert region is flanked by snow-capped mountains and sparkling clean rivers along with distinct flora and fauna. The easiest way of reaching Zanskar is from Kargil through Suru Valley.

Shey Monastery

Shey Monastery or the Shey Palace is an ancient monastery. It once served as the summer capital of Ladakh but is mostly in ruins now. Located on top of a hillock, it offers stunning panoramic views. The highlight of the monastery is 39ft tall Shakyamuni Buddha statue. A special permission needs to be taken to visit the monastery.

Hemis Monastery

Hemis is a Buddhist monastery ranked as one of the wealthiest monasteries in India. It is most visited during the annual Hemis Festival, held every year in early June. The monastery is well-connected with motorable roads.

White Water Rafting

Rafting expedition is done on Zanskar River, called the Grand Canyon of India, with high cliff like gorges at certain places. The Zanskar Rafting expedition is one of The best river trips in The world.

Pathar Sahib Gurudwara

Gurudwara Pathar Sahib is a beautiful gurudwara, dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev. It is highly revered as it houses a rock which resembles Guru Nanak’s back. It is built at the site where he is believed to have vanquished a demon.


Kargil lies near the Line of Control facing Pakistan-administered Kashmir’s Baltistan to the west, and Kashmir valley to the south. Zanskar is part of Kargil district along with Suru, Wakha and Dras valleys. Kargil was at the center of a conflict between India and Pakistan in 1999.

Likir Monastery

The Likir Monastery is the oldest monastery in Ladakh, located around 52 km from Leh in the scenic Likir village. Belonging to the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the main attraction here is a 75 feet large seated statue of Maitreya Buddha gilded in gold. There are also various paintings of guardian divinities, murals and thangkas that adorn the walls of assembly halls.

Bactrian Camel Safari

Nubra Valley is famous for the Bactrian Camel Safari. These camels are not even the usual ones that you must have seen in Rajasthan or in pictures. These camels having two humps were the major mode of transport to travel to silk route. These are now used for the safari in the region is hugely popular among the tourists.

Leh Palace

The Leh Palace is a 17th-century former royal palace that is converted into a museum. The highlight is the sweeping view of Leh and the surrounding Zanskar mountain from the rooftop.

Tanglang La

The Tanglang La is a high mountain road located on the Leh-Manali highway just a few kilometers from Leh. It is at a height of 5,358 metres, is the second-highest mountain pass after Khardung-La Pass, and is also the 12th highest motorable pass. This popular spot in Ladakh is known for being the second highest mountain located in Zanskar range. The pass summit is breathtaking and is adorned by a number of prayer flags.

Phugtal (Phuktal) Monastery, Zanskar

The Phugtal (Phuktal) Monastery is a Buddhist monastery situated in the south-east part of Zanskar region in Ladakh. Situated at the mouth of natural cave on a cliff, it is one of the most isolated monasteries in the region, built around 2500 years ago. The Phugtal Monastery looks like a honeycomb from a distance. It is popular amongst trekking enthusiasts.

Chang La Pass

Chang La Pass is a high mountain pass and one of the highest motorable roads in the world. The 15km long pass is especially popular amongst bikers. The roads are mostly paved and are driveable by any vehicle. Changla is open for tourists from Mid May to October.

Lachung Temple

Located in the Nubra Valley, Lachung Temple is a religious pilgrimage found in the Diksit village. Besides housing some of the most colourful and narrative paintings, this temple is also one of the oldest holy sites in the region.

Panamik Village

Located at a distance of about 140 Km from Leh, Panamik Village is the northernmost part of India. It lies on the bank of Nubra river and is well known for its hot water spring, Pashmina goats and the bactarian camels.

City Shopping

For all those who like to fill their bags with souvenirs and local produce, the markets in Ladakh offers beautiful Tibetan jewellery, motifs, decorated carpets and woolen clothes.